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Over the last 26 years marketing for the retirement industry, I’ve been challenged by emerging market attitudes. This blog unwraps some of those thoughts. I’ve found interesting parallels in the journey of a couple of baby boomers (Heather & Robert) who are in the throes of wedding plans and considering a retirement village in the mix. So jump on in and follow how they fare, together with my commentary on new and innovative trends in the retirement industry. And let me know your thoughts too!


There are many consultants in the retirement living industry that offer advice on how to reach prospective residents, however very few have the experience, empathy and understanding of our target market than Jeff McGarn.

Jeff has an amazing ability to get ‘inside the heads’ of our target market and is in touch with their thoughts, fears and decision triggers.

He is also not afraid to challenge the industry on how to design senior living communities that will appeal to retirees in the future.

This book is a timely reminder to operators to stay relevant in the future.

Linda Hooper
National Marketing Manager
Living Choice Australia Ltd

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About the author

My name is Jeff McGarn, the managing director of GBD. I’ve worn many hats in the creative field over the last 45 years and have worked on over 200 retirement projects.

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