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A mind game in motion

Categories: advertising, strategy

Telex billboard ad – Don't miss out on the sounds of summer

In a previous GBD Tip, we talked about the mind games you play with your market and how important it is to win them. Remember, whether we like it or not, advertising is an intrusion into people’s lives, so it’s all about respecting their right to ignore you, but giving them a very good reason not to.

At GBD, that’s what we set out to do every day for our clients and Telex Hearing Care is a good case in point. Telex wished to promote the importance of free hearing tests to a market that may not even know it had a hearing problem – a tough assignment!

We started with a simple, but prominent billboard strategy based on the line “Don’t miss out on the sounds of summer. This provided solid initial brand awareness for Telex as hearing specialists.

We then followed up with a quirky but tactical direct mail and print ad – here’s an example.

Telex flyer design – Watch Neighbours without upsetting any Telex advertisment design – Three earring chest??? Oh! Free hearing test!

Again, the trick is to make the quantum leap from intrusion to intrigue and, ideally, to entertain all the way to your call to action. Suffice to say Telex enjoyed a marked increase in enquiries as a direct result.

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