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Not reaching your customers? Then go to their homes.

Last month we looked at the advertising mix for small business – choosing the range of media best suited to your product or service, be it direct mail, internet marketing, public relations or mainstream advertising.

Today we're going to discuss the specifics of one of those options: direct mail. Direct mail allows you to precisely target and control who receives your message, something most media can't do nearly as well. With a well-planned direct mail campaign you can also accurately measure the effectiveness of your message and, ultimately, your product's sales: a scary reality for some advertising agencies as ultimately those results reflect on them!

One of the great things about Direct mail is that you can do a small test run before committing a huge budget and the medium gives almost unparalleled opportunities for standout work, work that can and does its socks off if done well. Sure, there are those who call direct mail ‘junk' mail, and a lot of it is, but a staggering 73% of Australians stated they would visit a store as a direct result of receiving a Direct mail catalogue*.

In fact, catalogue advertising is one medium that has enjoyed spectacular growth over the last decade. Quite simply, done well there are few better ways to get your products into people's homes…literally.

*Australian Catalogue Association research.

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