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Central Coast Grammar School

Advertising, Collateral, Event

CCGS advertising and collateral

Central Coast Grammar School is a K-12 non-denominational private school with a prestigious reputation for delivering enriched learning experiences and excellence in education.


Increase the number of enrolments for Kindergarten in 2014 and drive attendance to a series of Kindy Spotlight events held at the school.


Show a pre-school child at play in a typical environment at the beach, creating a sand model that represents a range of career choices. It reflects how a parent sees their child as unique and talented with dreams about their future.


The number of parents who registered for the event increased from an average of 30 in previous years to over 120 from one campaign, generating increased enrolment levels for the following school year.

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The client also received a marketing and communications state industry award based on the creative of the Kindy Spotlight campaign and the outstanding results.

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