GBD crew at Chesalon Living shoot – Pool scene

Casting – New South Wales – Coffs Harbour/Woolgoolga

We are looking for some senior models for an upcoming lifestyle photo and video shoot. Interested in taking part? Here is some general information you will need to know.   
Some of the details for this shoot are still being finalised, applicants will be kept up to date as details are confirmed. 

Where is the shoot?

The shoot will be held in Coffs Harbour/Woolgoolga New South Wales on Friday 31st May, from first light to sunset.

Do I need to remember lines?

Remembering lines is not necessary for this shoot.

What activity will be required during the shoot?

The shoot will involve low intensity activities in a lifestyle shoot environment such as walking by the lake, gentle bike ride, having a cup of coffee, socialising, etc.

When is the shoot?

Friday 31st May. In case of possible rescheduling we may need to know your availability for the following week.

What time will the shoot start and end?

This shoot commences at first light and finishes at sunset on Friday 31st May.

Is the shoot paid?

Yes. Shoot is paid at going industry rate based on experience and suitability. Novices are welcome to apply.

I am coming from outside the area; Will there be an allowance for transportation and accommodation?

Shoots requiring early starts or late finishes will have meals and accommodation provided during the shoot. All other travel and accommodation must be agreed and approved before the shoot. If you are travelling more than two hours from outside the area please raise this with the production manager in your application. 

Where will the photos and video appear?

The photos will be used across a range of marketing collateral, i.e. brochures and a website for a new retirement living development in the respective areas the shoot is conducted.

What kind of wardrobe do I need for the shoot?

We require a smart/colourful summer casual look for both men and women. Please download the below wardrobe samples used on previous shoots.

Wardrobe inspiration for men
Wardrobe inspiration for women

Will there be a stylist?

No, please apply your makeup and styling before arriving at the shoot.

When will you contact me about my application?

Shortlisted candidates will be notified via phone over the next week. 

Who can I contact for further enquiries?

Please email all questions and applications to

For applications please provide the following:

Previous lifestyle photoshoots

Below is a link to one of our previous videos.

Below is a small selection of photos taken during previous retirement lifestyle photoshoots.

The Terraces at Paddington - Tea Shop Paddington The Terraces at Paddington - Rushcutters Bay Strathearn Retirement Village - Enjoying a picnic in Scone Hindmarsh Marigal Gardens - Swimming at the leisure centre The Terraces at Paddington - The Royal Hotel Paddington Adelene Retirement Village - Making cupcakes with grandmother