There are a number of changes in retirement sales today that impact a village’s ability to be successful and meet targets. GBD can help you connect with prospects, differentiate yourself from your competition and position your products and services.


  • engage a seniors lifestyle sales specialist for part or all of your project sales
  • strengthen your own sales team for greater achievement of growth targets
  • ramp up your sales capability for presales of a new development
  • differentiate yourself from the competition in the sales process


Sales requires a strategy, a process, a way to proceed that you can measure and monitor. Sales is something you have to commit to on an ongoing basis. Salespeople must know how to define their audience (who), determine their outreach (how), know the questions to create opportunities and how to turn them into sales (what) deliver on promises to clients (relationship).

• sales strategy • road-to-sale • recruitment • sales training • mentoring • sales teams


Sales Coaching is where an area of sales methodology is identified as being one where the individual may need extra help through personalised training and skill development such as public speaking or closing a sale.

Sales Mentoring provides the guidance that in turn builds confidence, nurtures ideas, allows for advice and criticism, and helps inspire enthusiasm in the salesperson.

Our sales services provide a structured program for individual development (one-on-one coaching and mentoring) or as a group format for sales team leadership. It extends the outcomes and the investment of your internal sales capability.

• sales strategy • road-to-sale • recruitment • sales training • mentoring • sales teams


The quality of the sales team is directly linked to the quality of sales leadership. Effective sales leaders hold their team to a high level of accountability which is established through a positive environment where sales team members will want to thrive.

Our sales leadership drive results by guiding the sales team in a collaborative way where they achieve sales goals through investing in the formulation and implementation of those goals.

• sales strategy • road-to-sale • recruitment • sales training • mentoring • sales teams

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