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Scones or skinny dipping?

Recent research commissioned in the UK by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales found that media depictions of ageing and older people are largely negative. As a marketer working in the retirement living sector for over 30 years, this didn’t surprise me.

Many seniors say they feel misrepresented in the media and advertising and, as a senior myself, I agree! The reality is that the terms ‘senior’ and ‘retiree’ cover a 20 or 30 year span in which likes, dislikes, beliefs and needs are widely varied. So how can retirement marketing possibly speak to them all?

How do you shift your marketing from Dean Martin to Joni Mitchell? From Electric Scooters to Harley Davidson? The answer is you can’t. The solution lies in the ‘exact fit’ principle. Village operators and marketers would do better to design a specific product for the specific need of a specific consumer. And when it’s time to sell, this is the consumer they need to connect with. Retirement is no longer an ‘off-the-rack’ option, it’s a bespoke lifestyle product that meets the needs of individuals.

What are the unique needs and desires of your target market? To connect with potential buyers, we should demonstrate we understand their needs and desires and I have found success in showing understanding in a positive way that isn’t patronising, cliched or one size fits all. Advertising images of Devonshire teas may depict the lifestyle at some villages but this isn’t the case across the board - the residents at a project we marketed skipped the scones and celebrated the opening of the swimming pool with a midnight skinny dip!

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My name is Jeff McGarn, the managing director of GBD. I’ve worn many hats in the creative field over the last 45 years and have worked on over 350 retirement projects.

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Scones or skinny dipping?

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